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Card Stocks

The feel of your business card is one of the first things a potential client will notice when it’s handed to them. We have a massive range of boards available with varying thicknesses, textures and materials to help express your brand. View some of our common options by clicking on the names below.

Celloglaze Laminate

Stick with the classic feel of ink and card or choose a laminate that makes your card stylish, durable and memorable.

No Cello
Standard economy business card without celloglaze and provides the classic paper feel.

Gloss Cello
Eye catching finish that improves image depth and gives the card more vibrance with a dramatically shiny overlay.

Matte Cello
Shine free finish that improves the durability of the card whilst providing a very soft and elegant feel.

All shapes & sizes.

Find the perfect fit for your business, whether you want round, square, mini or tall. We can cut business cards to any size and shape.


Make your business cards eye catching and memorable with our variety of business card embellishments. Browse through some of our common embellishments below.

Custom Shapes

You can make your cards stand out from the others with its own unique shape! Nothing stands out from the crowd more than a uniquely shaped card. Customising the shape of your card to match the industry or branding of your business reinforces your brand and services even more.

Whatever shape you can think of, be it a house, t-shirt, cloud, you name it, we can print it.


Embossing is a special finish in which cards are pressed with plates to add an indent into the card. This creates a unique tactile element to a card that stimulates your clients and customers at the tips of their fingers. When paired with a high quality textured board such as Vellum, these cards will look and feel fantastic.


Foil stamping creates a luxurious metallic finish that makes your card eye catching and memorable. It’s made by using heat and pressure to stamp a fine foil layer onto the card to create a metallic finish that can’t be achieved with regular ink. When used with a matt celloglazed card, the shiny foil stands out from the smooth backing to create a flashy, stunning and attention-grabbing business card.

Rounded Corners

Our rounded corner cards, available in either 5mm or 8mm radius cuts, provide a softer and more inviting look as well as making the cards easier to fit into wallet and purse card slots.

Spot UV

Spot UV is a low height gloss finish that can be applied in any shape, size and position on your card, and can be utilised to emphasize your logo or create stunning gloss highlights on its own. When contrasted on top of a matt celloglazed card, the Spot UV really stands out.


Gloss varnish can be applied to spots or over the entire card, and adds a glossy effect that reflects light and grabs attention. When added to any card it enhances the cards appearance, makes images vibrant and catches the eye.


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A brief history of business cards.

The original concept of the business card is believed to have originated in China sometime in the 15th century. The first cards were used as visiting cards designed to be handed to the doorman upon arrival. This meant the visitor or his footman wasn’t required to list his full and often lengthy title. This visiting card custom eventually made it to Europe in the 1600’s. The concept quickly flowed to the British Isles and was an instant success.

The Brits however quickly pressed it into service as what we know as a business card.  Simply designed cards with text and directions to the merchants premises as street numbers were not in use as yet. Strict etiquette was soon to follow with two very distinct cards.  The visiting card and the business card. Handing over a business card while on a social call was an unforgivable social gaff as this was reserved for debt collection. 

Eventually the visiting card died and the Business card took over.  Business card design has become an art in itself.  Die cut cards, shaped cards, textured business cards and intricately printed full colour business cards are everywhere. Today it remains an integral part of a business identity and the simplest form of advertising at our disposal.  It’s hard to imagine doing business today without one.

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