Leaders in Brisbane print since 1991

From a humble beginning in Pre-Press (reprographics), when skilled artisans created colour separations for print by hand with scalpel, tape and Lupe, SHOTZ evolved with the demands of the industry through digital film production, digital plate-making to leading edge digital print.

Constantly updating equipment to maintain an efficient and competitive edge, the current line up of high-tech gadgetry includes the 9th generation of small format, print engines, the Ricoh 7110. Selected for its colour control, reliability and consistency, together with the versatility of a 5th colour White ink or Gloss varnish, the Ricoh runs rings around its competitors. Its 750mm x 330mm sheet capacity allows saddle stitched, landscape A4 or 6 page fold out. an impressive piece of equipment (if you’re into those things).

Latex ink in our wide format plant best meets the speed demands of this print sector. The heat-set ink being hard and waterproof as soon as it leaves the printer allowing immediate post processing (laminates or mounting), or immediate client delivery, literally hot off the press.

Supporting our fancy, high tech gear, we also have an impressive array of finishing, binding and display creation equipment to add the all important finishing touches.

An arsenal of high tech equipment coupled with decades of craftsman skills allows you to take your best SHOTZ every time!

Key Personnel

Scott McInnes

Chief Boat Driver

Scott has been involved in everything print since 1978. Needless to say, he knows pretty much all there is to know about print. Both the “old fashioned” way and the current, cutting edge digital technology way.

As a well-respected member of the Brisbane printing industry for so long, Scott has earned his reputation by being driven by deadlines while always maintaining quality. And put quite simply, he gets stuff done, the way it should be done, by the best people for the job from within the organisation.

With a myriad of client accolades earned over the years, his modesty prohibits us from sharing too much. He blushes way too easily.

While he might also tell you he hates boats, that’s where you’ll often find him, tinkering on his big sailing boat on weekends. 

Steve Harrison

The Engine Room Guy

Tradesman, Artisan and a diehard perfectionist. Steve is skilled in the art and science of colour reproduction. Something he began as an apprentice over 30 years ago. He is also a skilled re-toucher, both in the traditional and digital mediums. Add to this: Scanner operator, screen printer, bench planner, bindery operator, digital printer, print finisher. All that and more.

Needless to say, Steve takes pride in always producing the best he possibly can and getting the best out of his tools and equipment. He has the SHOTZ arsenal of equipment singing like a church choir with every job.

As a last line of defence, Steve is also very strong with English and Grammar. His attention to detail has saved many a client’s re-print costs.  (But please don’t rely on Steve to be your proofreader)

Anne Donnelly

The Boat Driver's Boss

Anyone in business knows the real power centre of every organisation is the front office, the gateway to the organisation. The front line and first point of contact is Anne.

Also in charge of making sure the job gets to where it has to be, when it has to be there, Anne is the hub of the business. With 15 years in the print industry she’s also well versed in all things print.

Anne was a full-time mother, and still is to some degree, and her other passion (some would say addiction) is gardening. That’s where you’ll find her when she’s not driving the jobs through SHOTZ and coordinating with clients.

Awards & Recognition

We’ve been in this business for a very long time and have earned an abundance of print related awards for print excellence. At any time you’re welcome to walk the Awards corridor with us in our office at Bowen Hills, but the most important award we can ever receive is the award of repeat business and referrals from our clients.

Our mission statement is simple: We are only as good as our last job and we treat every job as if it will be a medal candidate.


We embrace the Green culture.

The science is logical, the evidence compelling, the consequence dire.
The worst that can happen if we are wrong, is that the world becomes a better place.


Waste Reduction


Recycled Paper


Eco Commuting


Eco Friendly Machines