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There’s so many ways we can help you maximise your opportunities with display and Point of Sale products.

Below is a small list of what we can help you with. Not seeing what you have in mind? No problem. Best advice is to pick up the phone and give us a call to discuss what you have in mind.

Call Scott any time on 07 3252 4310. There’s not much he doesn’t know about signage, display and Point of Sale and he’s pretty good at helping clients unravel an idea and turn it into something pretty special.


A-frame signs are an excellent way to talk to passing traffic. Urge new customers into your store with a robust, long-lasting, double sided A-frame sign featuring current specials or enticing information. While the frame will last for years, the imagery can be easily changed to suit your needs as time goes by.

Backlit Displays

Backlit displays are an impressive way to bring some life in to your retail or sales display space. Ideal for retail, backlit displays are also perfect for restaurants and takeaways where a full colour image will whet the appetite of all of your customers.


Need a simple banner to grab the attention of passing traffic? We have a range of banner options we can create for you to maximise your impact when you have a message you want to share.Made from strong, UV vinyl and printed with UV inks, your banner will last for years.

Counter Displays

Counter displays are a great way to let your customers know about current specials or anything, for that matter. They’re a bit like a silent salesman, talking to your customers when you may not be able to. Rigid backing with a fold out support to ensure they stand straight and tall all day long.

Canvas Prints

Create works of art with your own photos. Your photos on canvas make a superb gift idea for family or even to adorn your own living room. This is wall art that is uniquely yours. We’ll work with you to custom design and fit your art to suit your available space and your decor.  Range of framing and finishes available.


Take your brand to much higher levels – up a flagpole will do the job. SHOTZ Print can create a unique and striking flag to fly high and proud for your business. Or, if you prefer, we’ll create a magnificent family flag to ride high and proud in your front yard. Now, that’s different!

General Signage

When it comes to signage and display, the sky is the limit and your imagination is all that’s needed to blow away the competition and  impress your clients.

Whether it’s signage for your retail or corporate space, vehicle signage or small, point of sale items, together we can and do create wonders with signage.


Magnets are a simple and easy sales tool for trades and services. With company magnets in your swag of marketing tools, before you know it your business can take pride of place on the fridges of Australia.

Printed magnets are also excellent for removable vehicle signage.

Mounted Display

Real Estate Agents just love our mounted displays. We can create a striking piece of artwork and mount to a rigid backing to allow for either permanent installation or removable for varied uses. 


Create an eye-catching poster to promote your products, events or services. An affordable way to print and promote across a myriad of locations. Posters are an excellent way for manufacturers or wholesalers to deliver point of sale promotional material to retailers and resellers.

Pull Up Banners

Going to a special, corporate event or expo? You need a pull-up banner in your display arsenal. Simple to use – just unzip the carry bag and pull out your knock-out message. When you’re done, it’s all packed away in less than 2 minutes. Once you have the hardware, the imagery can be easily changed to suit a myriad of events and opportunities.

Roped Banners

Here’s a great way to scream it from the roof-tops. Roped banners allow for portability and easy installation. Big, strong messages on roped banners are great for car sales, real estate, clubs and sporting events and so much more.

Shelf Wobblers

These easy to produce little treats will sit at your Point of Sale and wobble their little backsides off talking to your customers all day long. An ideal option for retailers with minimal counter space as they can be adhered anywhere along your counter or retail space.

Strut Cards

Also known as Counter Cards, these are an excellent and cost-effective Point Of Sale tool to get your messages out there. High quality, versatile and cost-effective. Counter cards are a no brainer for all retailers.

Tear Drop Banners

Tear Drop Banners are a perfect attention getter for Real Estate Agents or retail outlets. Sitting safely and securely in their weighted base, they dance around in the breeze and with a good, clean design, will grab the attention of all passers-by.

Vehicle Graphics

Isn’t it time you got the attention of potential customers as you skoot around town? Vehicle graphics are a colourful and exciting way to achieve this. Printed in UV resistant inks on UV restitant adhesive, we’ll bring your vehicle to life with a colourful and exciting design.

Our vehicle design service will allow you to see a concept of your vehicle with its graphics before the transformation begins.

Vinyl Lettering

Choose a message. Choose a font and a size and we’ll custom print and cut the vinyl lettering you need. Ideal for vehicle graphics or retail shopfronts. Custom vinyl lettering is a unique way to create a stylish display.

Window Signage

Window signage can incorporate a range of exciting alternatives for your retail windows (or the kid’s bedroom window if you prefer). Using combinations of a range of our high performance display materials we can create a stunning, eye-catching window that will blow your customers away! As the saying goes – the opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

...anything display

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? That’s ok, we’re sure we can fulfill you needs. All we need is to have a conversation to develop your brief and we’ll work together throughout the process to create concepts, final artwork and print right through to installation.

Let your imagination run wild and take your best SHOTZ!

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Desk Pads

With a custom, corporate desk pad, you can share your message with your customers year round. Everybody loves to doodle and take notes while on the phone, why not give them something useful and effective to doodle on?

Drop us a quick message so we can better help you.

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